Beware The Alcohol Poisoning

Beware The Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning can be a fatal occurrence when someone drinks too much alcohol. It’s what happens when someone drinks more alcohol than their body can handle in a very short amount of time.

This means that there is just too much alcohol in the bloodstream. When this happens it can cause a few things like a slowed:

–    Breathing

–    Heart rate

–    Temperature control

Alcohol poisoning can cause someone to fall asleep and also choke on their vomit which can cause them to end up in a coma or die. If someone manages to survive alcohol poisoning, it is possible to do so but with brain damage from lack of oxygen.

What Causes Alcohol Poisoning?

Binge drinking is the most significant cause of alcohol poisoning. Binge drinking is when you don’t drink as often but when you do you drink a lot of it in a short amount of time. Binge drinking is specifically defined as drinking to a blood alcohol concentration of levels to 0.08 and above.

This occurs differently for men and women. For men, they have to have had 5 or more drinks in two hours or less. For women, they have to have had 4 or more drinks in 2 hours or less. This is due to alcohol metabolism.

There are six alcohol poisoning related deaths a day or about 2,200 a year according to the Centers for Disease Control. There are also different groups that are more likely to end up with alcohol poisoning.

These groups can include:

–    Young people: Teens are more likely to go ahead and binge drink and just not know when they’re supposed to stop drinking. This can happen a lot because of drinking games.

–    Females: Since women are usually smaller with less of a body mass than men they can’t metabolize alcohol as fast as men.

–    People in poor health: Those who are sickly or not healthy are more susceptible to the dangers of alcohol consumption.

–    People with low weight to height: Alcohol can actually get into the bloodstream faster than people who have average or more height to weight.

Symptoms Of Alcohol Poisoning

Knowing the signs of alcohol poisoning is essential because alcohol poisoning can affect anyone at any time.

These symptoms include:

–    Bluish skin color or paleness

–    Dulled senses

–    Impaired coordination

–    Low body temperature

–    Mental confusion

–    Seizures

–    Slow heart rate

–    Slow or irregular breathing

–    Sweaty skin

–    Unconsciousness or difficulty staying conscious

–    Vomiting

Alcohol Poisoning Is Measured By Blood Alcohol Concentration

The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is how the risk of alcohol poisoning is measured. It is measured in your breath and urine, and it’s the weight of ethanol in grams, in 100 milliliters of blood, or 210 liters of breath. A BAC of .08 is generally what is considered legally intoxicated.

Alcohol poisoning death occurs once a BAC reaches toxic levels. Of course, gender, age, and more can affect the BAC levels, so that is why it is different for every person.

How Long Does Alcohol Poisoning Last?

As long as you keep drinking the effects of alcohol poisoning will keep happening. The side effects of alcohol are already dangerous and the effects of alcohol poisoning as well. That is why recovery can take a lot longer.

When drinking alcohol, the effects can be felt within 10 minutes and last longer. Even once you stop, your BAC can keep going up for about an hour afterward. That’s why it’s important to get someone help if they are suffering from alcohol poisoning.