There are many options to find treatment for alcoholism in Alaska. While Alcoholics Anonymous provides a plethora of meetings and events to help you make your way towards full recovery and sobriety, sometimes it is still not enough. That’s when seeking more intensive treatment, such as a treatment center, may be needed to help encourage continual recovery.

When searching for treatment centers consider one of these.

The Serenity House Treatment Center is an intensive residential treatment center for people who struggle with substance abuse, whether it be alcohol or drugs. It features a 40-acre wooded property, and their treatment programs focus on a 12-step model to help guide patients to understanding the problem, their need for help, and how to discover solutions one day at a time. Usually, patients spend about 6 to 8 weeks at this treatment center. Even though it is a residential program, they have family days where patients can spend time with their families while participating in their therapy groups. Through these family days, family members can learn how to support better their loved ones who are going through the process of fighting alcoholism and/or addiction.

For those who find that they need both the assistance of Alcoholic Anonymous as well as treatment center that uses an approach different from the 12 Steps, but understands AA and supports patients associated with AA, you may want to consider Jett Morgan Treatment Services. They have been providing services since 2011 and provide outpatient treatment to individuals struggling with substance abuse, whether it be alcohol or drugs. They are accredited and certified, so their staff is trustworthy. And for their patients, they also allow family members to join them for their group meetings for free. Some of their group meeting events that they have usually go from Monday to Friday. For example, on Monday this February of 2019, they have meetings called Cog Skills/Education, Relapse Prevention, and Healthy Relationships. On Wednesday, they have meetings about Healthy Relationships, Change, and Neuroscience/Nat Geo-Stress.

These treatment centers are excellent for those who feel they need a more intensive approach towards their quest for continuous sobriety. One of these centers follows the 12-steps, while the other does not. Depending on whether the 12-steps are helping you or not, you can decide whether one center is better for reinforcing your progress or if one center may offer a chance to find solutions from an angle you have not considered or tried.