How to Help Your Loved Ones

If you have a loved one that is suffering from alcoholism, there are many things that you can do to help them return to sobriety.

The first step will be yourself. You, whether you’re their family, their spouse, or a friend, being there for them is one of the most important things you can do for them. When a person recovering from any substance abuse is without support or the presence of support, their chances for relapse increase drastically. Being a part of that person’s support system is crucial to their recovery.

The next step will be to help them find a doctor that specializes in substance abuse. The sooner they can find a doctor, the sooner that a treatment plan can be created for them to help them begin the process of recovery and sobriety. But again, you should be there for them if you can.

If there is an Alcoholics Anonymous group in your area, be sure to let your loved one know about it and help them get to their first AA meeting gathering. AA meetings can provide alcoholics with a chance to find people just like them who are recovering and trying to achieve true sobriety. This can help inspire them to do better in their recovery, motivate them to seek treatment independently, and also, teach them the value of their support systems so that they’ll learn to trust and lean on your support when they need it. It is often that alcoholics will try not to take the support of others, whether out of shame or embarrassment.

Offer encouragement to your loved ones who are going through this. They will need engagement likely on a daily basis. Part of what will help them move away from alcoholism is to help them keep their minds off of alcohol in the first place. Just as important as the AA meetings and doctor appointments are going to be, spending time with friends and family will be just as important. Being with people they trust. Doing things that are enjoyable with people they enjoy being with, these are all key to helping them as well as their brains learn to not rely on alcohol, but instead learn to find joy and fulfillment from other, better things in life.

The greatest thing you can do for your loved one is never giving up on them. Every bit of help, from the meetings to the medications, to the people, it all helps them towards recovery and sobriety. But when a person gives up on them, it can damage their confidence and progress to a large degree. Your loved one will be counting on you.