Methods of Treatment for Alcoholism

There are various methods for treating alcoholism that a person could seek out. Often, a person may find that they will need to pursue more than one solution in order to tackle their alcohol abuse disorder properly. This is because willpower sometimes is not enough to conquer alcoholism, which has been considered a brain disease even, thanks to the changes it does to the human brain (which is why it’s so hard to break away from it and achieve true sobriety).

The first step you should take in treating alcoholism is approaching your doctor about it. Regardless of how extensive your alcohol abuse disorder is, your doctor can help. You will want to discuss with your doctor about how you actually feel about alcohol. How often do you think about it? Do you rely on it to feel happy? Do you find yourself drinking too much and you can never seem to stop yourself? When you think about alcohol, do you feel an irresistible urge to drink? When you’re not drinking, do you feel bad, depressed, or even sick? The answers to these questions can help your doctor determine what kind of a case of alcoholism you have, and then recommend a treatment plan that’s tailored for you. Also, your doctor will likely recommend one or more of the other treatments that will be mentioned here, including going to attend group meetings, like the ones at Alcoholics Anonymous.

One possible treatment involves going for a detox. This means going to a hospital or a treatment center to help deal with severe withdrawal symptoms where you may receive medicine to help fight these symptoms.

Another treatment is going to see a counselor or therapist. These people can help you learn new strategies and even gain new skills for your everyday life in dealing with drinking and moving towards sobriety. Some of these strategies and skills include learning to deal with stress and things that may trigger stress, developing support systems, and even learning how to modify the behaviors and things that may make you want to drink in the first place.

There are medications that a doctor can prescribe you that can help. These medications do things to help make drinking less desirable. For example, Disulfiram will make you sick and likely throw up after drinking. Acamprosate helps fight cravings for alcohol. And Naltrexone gets rid of the pleasure high that you might get from drinking. Essentially, these medications help demotivate you from wanting to drink.

And of course, there are support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous that can help provide you the support and motivation to achieve sobriety.