Our groups and meetings are spread across the state of Alaska. We have an Intergroup Office in Anchorage, but we include on the site the schedules for other groups in other cities as well, such as Eagle River Chugiak Eklutna, Girdwood, Juneau, Wrangell, Nome, Barrow, Sitka, Bethel, and more.

In Anchorage alone, for our January to March 2019 schedule, we have a list of varieties and events that happen throughout the week. On Mondays, for example, we have morning meetings and programs such as Do It Sober at the Alano Club and On Awakening at the Dry Dock Club. The events and meetings go through the whole day, with Do It Sober being the earliest at 6:30 am, and our latest Monday event being Ten Spot at 9:30 pm at St. Mary’s. You will find every day has events and meetings going all until 9:30 pm so that there is always something for you to attend and to see your group support.

If you’re closer to the Barrow area, there are local AA meetings on Tuesday at 7:30 pm at the Presbyterian Church, Thursday at 7:30 pm at the 5200 building, and Saturday at 7:30 pm at the Presbyterian Church once more.

Juneau groups have Monday to Sunday events. Since late 2018, their schedule has had meetings at 6:45 am for all their early birds, Brown Bag at 12:05 pm, and 5-Alive meetings at 5 pm. Sunday has its own schedule with meetings at 11 am and 7:30 am. What’s more, Juneau groups also offer a Grapevine study at Juneau Montessori from Tuesday to Saturday, providing groups, especially for women, with meetings on various subjects and to help them make the steps towards sobriety.

Sitka groups have Monday to Sunday meetings as well, though their schedules start from Noon and go to anywhere between 6 pm to 7 pm.

With it being a new year, it is recommended that you call your local center to ask when their schedules may next be updated. While most groups have already updated their schedules to a January-March 2019 schedule, some groups are still using their late-2018 schedule. Chances are, these late-2018 schedules will be updating in the near future.