Alcoholics Anonymous in Alaska is a voluntary organization for both men and women, no matter what part of life they come from, to come together in support of one another in the pursuit of sobriety. The only true requirement to get a membership is your personal desire to stop drinking alcohol and to seek a life free from the dependence of alcohol. And it is free—there are no fees or membership dues to be a part of Alcoholics Anonymous. We currently have over 2 million members across the globe, and about 96,000 AA groups in 146 countries, all of them helping people free themselves from alcohol and drinking.

Through the use of the Twelves Steps for alcoholism recovery and through the strength of unity within our groups, we help one another reach our goal of sobriety. In our group meetings, we share our experiences, we discuss how we want to move forward and leave alcoholism behind, and most of all, we’re there for each other.

Alcoholics Anonymous in Alaska believes in anonymity because we are a group that runs by its principles, not by its personalities. It is a group and a program that was created to bring recovery to all. We also do not wish to disclose the membership status of our members, so that no members, new or old, will ever have to worry about people outside ever knowing of their membership. We are here to help each other recover, and that is all.